Guided Imagery / Hypnosis

Image Copyright © IHW LLCGuided Imagery Hypnosis

Thank you for joining me in a gentle journey of relaxation…

Find a comfortable seated or lying position and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, slowly inhaling and exhaling from your belly. Allow your body to feel heavy and relax.

Now imagine you are in a beautiful meadow. Take time to notice the scenery around you: the flowers, the clouds, the rolling hills, the birds gliding across the sky.

Feel the gentle breeze across your face. What smells does it bring to your senses? Breathe it in. Allow it to penetrate every cell of your body.

Listen to nature’s whisper. What does it sound like?

Take time to notice how you feel. Notice your breath become fuller and deeper. Take your time here and enjoy the moment. When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.

Now you are ready to continue the day with a smile!

Through guided imagery similar to the example above, I invite you to explore your inner wisdom and consciousness. Learn how to use your own images and imagination to relieve symptoms and heal your body. Contrary to popular belief, you are in complete control. However, by merely entering a state of complete relaxation without outside distraction, you will be able to gain insight about your ailments and health concerns. Delve inside yourself and find the answers you’ve always been looking for!