Home Visits

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A healthy life begins with a healthy home.

Do you avoid going home because it sucks your energy and leaves you tired? Do you wonder how you can optimize your home environment for health? Discover what may be generating a toxic atmosphere and learn how to create a nourishing place to live where you can thrive. De-clutter and organize to foster a fresh, positive, and loving home. Prime your kitchen to make it easier to make healthier food choices. One of your sessions may include a home visit where we will explore the food in your refrigerator and pantry and give it a makeover!

Home visits are also offered to those who prefer to meet at home due to disability or social circumstance. I believe in connecting with individuals personally and will meet you where you are, within your ability. Instead of coming to me, I can come to you!

Home visits are always approached non-judgmentally and are great opportunities to transform your home for healthy living!